Sunday, November 27, 2005

Web 2.0 and ecommerce

I'm not regurgitating other posts on this, but I'd like to throw my thoughts in.

2.0 is not just about user driven content, it's also all about convergence. 06/07 is going to see a step change in TV delivery (IPTV), new online games systems with browser type features (XBox Marketplace) and much more internet usable mobile devices like the KJAM. It is very possible that some of the technology previewed at the recent MS PDC (like Avalon) will work across all these platforms in a common way.

This could impact the 'long tail' feature of current internet browsing experience as these platforms do not lend themselves to information rich web sites. It is likely that ecommerce companies will be forced to reduce the number of products presented to display on the smaller screen formats, and reduce navigation options to work with alternative input devices like joysticks and TV remote controls.

Retailers will focus on only presenting their top selling products through these channels - with a simple checkout system (probably controlled by the OS manufacturer).

Sites will come in two flavours - an information rich version aimed at PC browsers (as now) and a more graphical, easier to navigate, reduced product set version aimed at TV, consoles and mobile devices.

It's possible these devices could be portal locked - making it harder for users to access sites and content not championed but the portal owners (e.g. getting a listing on XBox Marketplace). Whoever controls the OS on these systems will control the content.

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