Sunday, April 02, 2006

Richer content, fewer small online retailers?

As Microsoft/Adobe drive further towards richer content (Vista Media Center, set-top boxes, broadband running WPF etc.) is there going to be a 'have/have not' split as happened with computer games?

Are online retailers going to needs artists, video producers and 3D animators to create even the most basic site suitable to compete on the new platforms?

(during the early 90s small talented game development teams found it harder to compete as larger companies put massive resource into richer content productions - although I'd like to see some of the early pioneers reform to produce some playable content for the 360)

As a mid-size retailer we are putting effort in now to try to stay ahead, but the cost of entry is about to rise considerably - which will affect the rich diversity of online retail, which can only be a bad thing for everyone - except the major retail aggregators like Amazon who are likely to get a big win.

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