Monday, April 03, 2006

WinFX and UX design (no standards from Microsoft)

Watching the WinFX demos from MIX06, whilst I’m excited about what is now possible; I am concerned this is going to be rushed out with little or no standards or guidance from Microsoft, great for innovative designers, bad for users.

There are virtually no demos from Microsoft themselves; it looks likely that all the major content providers are going to use completely different UX initially (already the NetFlix and BBC WinFX demos use completely different UX, yet both set out to do virtually the same function).

Current web sites have evolved their own standards, but it’s taken 10 years (most ecommerce site layouts are now the same, as are most search engines and forum sites).

The WinFX team doesn’t have 10 years and needs to work with the different parties now and start to agree some basic common design layouts for ecommerce, searching, media downloads etc. and make WinFX a step forward for users not a step back.

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