Friday, May 12, 2006

Microsoft needs to be broken up.

It's impossible for an IS team in an ecommerce company to plan for 07/08+ with the current information MS are providing. Many rumours are flying around about problems at MS and MS are feeding these with insufficient visibility on future plans.

When will IIS7 be released?, when will Vista be released?, what's the plan with WinFX?, how does it fit in with IPTV?, how will IPTV fit in with Media Center? ...

The company is too big and too diverse. Split it up into smaller business units so management are forced to focus on giving clear plans and accurate roadmaps to customers. Then IS managers and CTOs can give their roadmaps and budgets to their management.

- Sell MSN to Yahoo

- Stop development on IE7

- Break out Office (including Sharepoint, Dynamics etc.) into a new company

- Break out OS, MSDN, Visual Studio etc. into a new company

- Break out XBox, Mobile and IPTV into a new company

If the management of the OS team was focused on nothing but the OS - Vista wouldn't be running late now.

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